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About Me

Hi! I'm Billy Gawron, personal trainer and outdoor athlete. I founded Backcountry Fitness with the mission to help those who love experiencing the great outdoors by preparing them to be stronger, safer, and more physically and mentally prepared, and therefore more able to enjoy everything nature provides.

My personal training career started at Equinox in Boston, which I began immediately after finishing my time studying Kinesiology at UMass Amherst. Fast forward six years later, and I now own and operate two private training gyms in downtown Boston, have a 50+ client strong private training business, and work with dozens of individuals online creating customized outdoor training programs.

In my spare time, I love traveling the world to hike with my wife, Jasmine, most recently in Pakistan, Alaska, Patagonia, Banff, and Vietnam. I'm also an Ironman athlete, with aspirations to compete in the most extreme adventure triathlons in the world!

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